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This show was recorded Jan 25th 2012 live at Largo at the Coronet Theater and features special guests: Booker T, Blake Mills, and Willie Watson.  We were so honored to have the legendary Booker T join us.  One highlight of this podcast is Booker's rendition of Dylan's "Knokin' On Heavens Door". Also, be sure to check out Willie Watson and Blake Mill doing "Rock, Salt and Nails". This show was multi-track recorded by Jesse Honig and mixed by Tyler Chester making it our best sounding podcast yet.

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Podcast #10 is from our 10th anniversary show at Largo from Feb 28th 2013 and features many of our favorite regular special guests though the years: Glen Phillips, Jon Brion and Fiona Apple.

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This show was recorded Dec 19th 2012 at Largo at the Coronet Theater. It was our holiday show and featured special guests: John C. Reilly (in and out of an abominable snowman costume), Becky Stark, Kate Micucci, and Willie Watson. Also, Gabe Witcher an original WFH member makes his return to the band. 

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Recorded November 20th at Largo at the Coronet, Sean and Sara Watkins welcome first time guest Jonathan Wilson and Jackson Browne returns.

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Recorded June 30th  live at Largo at the Coronet, Sean and Sara Watkins host podcast newcomers, Val McCallum, Z Berg (JJAMZ) and the legendary Van Dyke Parks as well as new songs and colaberations with returning guests Dawes, and Davíd Garza. 

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WFH Podcast #6 was recorded March 21st 2012 at Largo at the Coronet Theater. Guests in this episode are Dawes, Jackson Browne, Mike & Ruthie, Molly O'Brien & Rich Moore, as well as very special guest bass player Mike Elizondo.  Highlights include Dawes' amazing song "A Little Bit of Everything" and a beautiful all-skate version of Stephen Foster's "Hard Times". 

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This show took place Dec 21st 2011 at Largo. It was our last show of the year and as is usually the case, lots of the usual suspects came by with a song or two. Guests on this episode are Jon Foreman, Fiona Apple, Grant Lee Phillips, Dàvid Garza, and Willie Watson. The second to last song (a seasonally appropriate mashup that Dàvid Garza brought to us) is a highlight of the episode. 

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Podcast #4 was recorded February 10th on two iPhones aboard the Cayamo Cruise.  The podcast features special guests Buddy Miller and Greg Leisz.

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This show was recorded at Largo in Los Angeles on Sept 21st,  with the exception of  "object of my affection" which was recorded at Crowley Theater in Marfa, TX on Oct 21st.  Guests are Jackson Browne, Fiona Apple and Joe Purdy. 

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This show was taped April 28th at Largo at the Coronet, a historic Hollywood theater, as part of "The LA Bluegrass Situation". The Watkins Family Hour is a monthly residency at Largo led by siblings Sean and Sara Watkins. For the past nine years they've brought in an eclectic group of guest musicians. This month includes Grant Lee Phillips, Kate Micucci, and Chris Thile.  This is the very first of what will be a monthly podcast. 

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